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City of Everett motion to revoke deferred prosecution

Combat Wombat

Apr 1, 2022

Tella Cline and I were at Everett Municipal Court this morning for the review of the Citiy's motion to revoke his deferred prosecution because of Jan 4 2022 traffic stop (Officer Gonzales) and subsequent arrest at Mukilteo police station (Officer Ball).

Glenn was not present, only his attorney. The matter has been continued to Monday May 9 at which time, if the City of Everett wishes to proceed with the revocation, the court will hear the motion, even if Glenn has not been yet been convicted of anything from the Mukilteo charges (Jan 4 2022 traffic stop and police station visit). On May 9, if the city proceeds, Glenn is required to attend in person. On May 9, the city may instead agree to continue the matter until after the Mukilteo charges are heard in which case, Glenn wont be required to attend.

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